Asthma Triggers and Indoor Allergens

Some of the most common indoor asthma triggers include:

  •  Environmental tobacco smoke (secondhand smoke)
  •  Dust mites
  •  Mold
  • Cockroaches and other pests
  • Household pets
  • Chemical irritants such as cleaners and pesticides
  • Wood smoke

Air Quality Testing to Identify Asthma Triggers

Common environmental asthma triggers

ETA provides comprehensive mold testing and indoor air quality testing in the Raleigh area. Our experts can assist in helping identify asthma triggers in your home or building and provide a plan to help your decrease or eliminate the pollutants that exists. This information is invaluable to you and your doctor to help reduce the occurrence of asthma attacks.

Learn More About Asthma Triggers

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Environmental Protection Agency

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

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