We emphasize that we do not sell any products or services related to HVAC maintenance, air duct cleaning, filters, or mold remediation. We are strictly a indoor environmental consulting and testing firm. We are proud to maintain a non-conflict of interest status in order to provide our customers the most objective approach in order to solve their indoor environmental issues.

As always, most projects are unique in scope and no two are alike. In order to provide you with an economical cost estimate, we will need some information from you regarding the problem and task at hand. This typically only takes a few minutes over the phone. Once we have a good understanding of the scope of work needed we will be able to quickly provide you with a cost estimate.

Servicing commercial and residential properties

Below are some of the variables that we look at to provide you with the most competitive cost estimate customized for your needs.

  • Property size
  • Service type
  • Possible contaminates to be assessed
  • Number of test (if any) and laboratory turnaround time
  • Reporting type desired, if any
  • Number of staff required
  • Expedited services

Contact Us for Indoor Air Quality Testing

If you are concerned about mold contamination, allergens, radon, or other issues, reach out to us! We are dedicated to helping you achieve a healthier commercial or residential space. Call us at 919-815-3441.