If you are concerned about mold or worry that mold spores are making people in your home or business ill, it’s important to test immediately. Mold spores can trigger asthma attacks, cause chronic headaches, and be the cause of other serious health problems, and vulnerable populations are even more at risk. The indoor air quality experts at ETA will provide comprehensive mold testing to determine the presence of spores and growth in your Raleigh home or business.

Our Mold Inspection & Testing Process

ETA has adopted a mold inspection protocol that is designed to find any mold that exists in your home or property. We are not in the business of selling you an air quality mold test. Our objective with our mold inspection is to confirm or not if there is mold present in your home or property. We accomplish this by starting with a comprehensive mold inspection of your property. During the inspection we will utilize advanced technology such as thermal imaging cameras, moisture detection instruments and a Borescope if needed for hidden mold.

Once the mold inspection is completed we will derive a sampling plan for your home or property only if needed. Sampling plans consists of air sampling for viable and or non-viable fungal contaminants, tape lift sampling, and bulk sampling. We will discuss with you the best practical and economical plan the meets your needs.

ETA utilizes an accredited air sampling laboratory for all samples collected. Once we receive the results we will interpret the results to you and provide our expert advice and recommendations in a written report on how to resolve any immediate problems and how to prevent them from happening in the future.

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Environmental Protection Agency

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

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