Creation of ETA

In 1970, Willie S. Lee, President of Environmental Industries, developed and began to manufacture the first reliable smoke generators meeting EPA specifications.  In 1974, Willie Lee and Tom Rose (then an EPA employee) developed the modern white smoke vaporization system.  Willie Lee continued to modify and improve smoke generators while Tom Rose developed training methods.  In 1975, Tom Rose developed the laminar flow elbow used to conduct smoke schools in high wind and also wrote the Quality Assurance Manual for Smoke School Operation.  In 1979, Willie Lee and Tom Rose formed ETA, bringing the combined expertise in equipment and training together.  Willie Lee retired in 1999. Tom Rose passed away in October, 2011.

Today, ETA continues to be the world leader in providing Visible Emissions Observer Training programs and opacity consulting services. ETA certifies more regulatory and private industry representatives than any other provider. Quality and integrity is our focus to help us lead and set the industry standard for the future.