A properly evaluated VEO form can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary litigation costs. ETA’s cost-effective evaluation methods ensure that our regulatory and industrial clients receive complete evaluations at a moderate cost.

A comprehensive audit of a visible emissions observation form (VEO) can detect critical errors in observation, measurement, and data recording. Such errors can invalidate a VEO form. This information is vital to regulatory and industrial observers. It ensures the accurate and legal application of EPA methods in addition to helping VE observers improve their ability to successfully and accurately complete VEO forms. ETA acts as an audit laboratory by evaluating these VEO forms.

VEO forms are audited by a standard procedure designed by ETA. The process includes review by skilled visible emissions auditors with extensive field experience followed by a senior staff summary review. Final report formats range from informal to high-quality technical documents. Each report is tailored to the specific needs of the client.