Source Tester Qualification Examination Programs

Eastern Technical Associates is the Source Evaluation Society’s designated paper examination provider for  individuals and team leaders using U.S. EPA Source Test Methods. Questions and answers used in the exams are provided and approved by the Source Evaluation Society.

SES Mission Statement for the QSTI/QSTO Exam Program

The goal of the SES Source Tester Qualification Examination and Abilities Assessment is to determine whether the candidate demonstrates knowledge and the ability to apply source testing methods, fundamental engineering, and chemistry principles in a manner consistent with that of a field lest team leader.

In addition to thorough and practical knowledge of source testing methods, those principles include an understanding of elementary physical gas laws and chemistry, basics of safety and hazardous materials handling, and primary theories of source testing (e.g., isokinetic and proportional sampling).

The candidate is expected to exemplify and demonstrate professional and ethical conduct. not only during the exam process. but also in representing SES as a QSTI or QSTO.

Testing Links

Eastern Technical Associates is proud to be the Source Evaluation Society ‘s designated QSTI/QSTO paper examination provider. ETA offers exams at our Raleigh, NC Office. We also have a list of approved proctors to administer the exams worldwide.

NEW! Each of the methods group exams includes a few questions that require some calculations. The questions provide all the data needed for the calculations which are derived directly from the equations specified in the relevant methods. For either exam format (i.e., in-person or LOP), the candidate may NOT use a personal calculator, mobile/smart phone, or other personal electronic calculations device during the exam session. This revised policy for in-person exams will go into effect as of June 5, 2023.  After that time, the candidate must use the multi functional calculator provided by the proctor for in-person exam sessions.

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