Examination registration requires the completion of an Exam Registration Form with payment submitted to ETA. The registration form can be downloaded from the link below. Please do not fill out and send in an Exam Registration Form until you have scheduled testing with Kristy at ETA. The Exam Registration Form should be received by ETA at least 10 days prior to the test date.

Exam Registration Form


ETA accepts checks payable to Eastern Technical Associates and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) for all fees.

Exam Fees

SES members during one examination program:
First group exam: $161.00
Each additional group exam taken: $96.00 each
Non-SES members during one examination program:
First group exam: $176.00*
* Includes $15.00 one-year SES membership fee that is forwarded to SES if you select “yes” to becoming an SES Member.
If you are unsure if you are a current SES member, please email the SES Secretary.
Each additional group exam taken: $96.00 each

Proctor Fees

Testing at ETA’s Office in Raleigh, NC: No proctor fee charged
Testing at an ETA Smoke School location: $75.00 per session (maximum of 2 sessions can be administered)
Testing with an ETA-Qualified Proctor: Amount will be quoted for you upon scheduling your exam. The proctor fee is to be paid to ETA and ETA will pay the proctor.

Shipping Fees

No shipping fee is charged when testing at one of our Smoke Schools or at our Raleigh Office.
National Shipping Fee: $50.00 flat
International Shipping Fee: Quoted based on weight and destination.