SES (The Source Evaluation Society) is the QSTI/QSTO exam provider and therefore is responsible for documenting the results, including providing approvals where warranted.

ETA is under contract to SES to manage the exam locations, the distribution and collection of finished exams, the proctoring and scoring.

SES is ultimately responsible for the exams’ content and the QSTI/QSTO approval process.

As for who can share information regarding an individual’s qualification status (method group, dates of exams), each QSTI/QSTO can provide information about status at any time to anyone, including clients and government entities at his or her discretion. SES would also provide the information about the status of a tester’s qualifications should the client, state agency, or EPA contact SES only if the subject QSTI/QSTO has given SES the permission to do so. Otherwise SES is obligated to keep that information confidential. SES has a process for any QSTI/QSTO to approve such disclosure on the application forms or by following up directly with the Program Administrator.