We are having some technical difficulties with our Payment Credits. The issue seems to be intermittent, so you may not have any problems. Our Tech Support is aware, and working to get the issue fixed, but in the mean time here are some things that may be helpful for you to know:

If you do not get a Confirmation Number (either on your screen or by email) you are NOT registered.

-If that happens please register anyone separately that needs to pay versus anyone with the payment credit. Your receipt/invoice will still pop up on your screen for payments made.

-Attempt again to register the individual with the payment credit. If you still do not get a confirmation number please contact me. Please email your name, company name, student ID# and the location/event that you need to register for. We will get you registered from our side of the process.

If you are no longer attending smoke school, we can manually move your credit to another individual within your company. Please contact me to get that done.
We will contact you with any questions, otherwise you will receive a confirmation email, including your confirmation number showing you are indeed registered.

We appreciate your patience, and hope this issue will be fixed before you have any problems. We look forward to seeing you at smoke school.

Sincerely,Sherri Sigworth
Office Manager/ETA
desk ph. 919-235-3281